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Our Team

Alana Vogt

Personal Trainer
Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Alana is a certified personal trainer, online coach, registered pharmacist and WBFF Bikini Pro athlete. She has found her passion in health and fitness but this hasn’t always been the case. As a child she never participated in any sports and was typically regarded as an academic student. She had always been skinny and struggled to gain weight. Eight years ago, she was introduced to resistance-based training and this ignited her passion to develop her self-confidence and reach her potential. Over the years she has worked hard to build her physique to the point where she is now a WBFF Professional Bikini athlete and competes internationally in fitness competitions. 

Her main goal is to inspire and help as many women as possible to reach their health and fitness goals through long term, sustainable methods. Alana is passionate about educating her clients on evidence-based training and nutrition and believes knowledge is power when it comes to achieving and maintaining incredible results. She practices what she preaches and loves to empower women to reach their potential through a balanced lifestyle approach. This is why she co-founded Find Your Balance.