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 Guss Groves

Personal Trainer
Melbourne, Australia
Age 25
Weight 94kg
Height 186cm


  • Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

  • ICN Classic Physique Bodybuilding 

  • Melbourne half marathon  

  • National Athletics Champion (shotput) 

  • National Athletics Runner Up (discus)  


Guss is a studio owner, gym manager and trainer. He found his passion for exercise when he was young, competing in a wide range of sports at respectable levels. From traveling the UK playing cricket and competing in Athletics at a national level, he always strived to deliverer the best he could.  

He turned his focus towards Strength training from a young age and fell in love with the constant progression and results. After prepping himself for a bodybuilding competition, and running a half marathon in quick succession he turned his focus towards business. Creating an environment in a gym which will help not only change peoples bodies, but their mindset about who they are, and what they are capable of. Creating an environment that will push you to be better, stronger – not only physically, but mentally. If you know Guss, you’ll see he has a very calm approach to everything. He truly believes that you are in control of your own destiny. You, and only you can initiate change.  

Guss’ approach to training and nutrition is simple and effective. He focuses on lifting heavy, 6 times a week while still being able to maintain the ability to run far, fast.