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FREE Shaker with Gold Standard Pre Workout Advanced 420g

Gold Standard 100% Casein

  • Repairs muscle while you sleep
  • Contains slow-releasing protein (Casein, 24g)
  • High in essential amino acids
  • Zinc & Magnesium for your immune system
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Product Overview

Support Muscle Growth & Repair Overnight with GOLD STANDARD 100% CASEIN™

GOLD STANDARD 100% CASEIN™ supports your muscle growth and repair while you sleep. This protein is released slower in your body than whey protein. So it is very good for people who like to take supplements at night. It is made from the highest quality of Micellar Casein which works on your muscles over many hours. Our bodies need amino acids to build proteins, but we cannot make them all naturally. That is why we have added Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). These increase the production of protein and help build muscle. We have also added beneficial minerals to increase your sports performance. Zinc repairs your muscles after exercise and is very good for your immune system. Magnesium is an essential mineral that increases energy levels in your muscles by producing protein.

Our latest formula is now fortified with zinc which contributes to a healthy immune system and magnesium to support normal protein synthesis.


Ready to mix casein protein powder with sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians.


  • Repairs muscle while you sleep with slow releasing Casein protein (24g)

  • Packed with high-quality Micellar Protein (100%)
  • Contains Essential Amino Acids (10g) that your body does not make
  • Essential Minerals (Zinc + Magnesium) that support your immune system and make protein
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Suggested Use

We suggest that you have casein in the evening. Enjoy before bed so that it can support muscle growth & repair while you rest. Mix 1 rounded scoop in 300-360 ml of cold water.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.8)
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Great taste

Review by Jon on Jun 9, 2022
Very good, mixed very well, lovely mixed with milk.


Review by Elisa on May 2, 2022
Genuinely I love the flavour of this product. It’s not only good for me but also a huge treat that I look forward to.

Amazing flavour

Review by Philip on Apr 19, 2022
As protein shakes go, this cookies and cream is one of the best flavours around. I prefer half milk half water for the thickness but I've already had this shake every night for 2 months now and still not sick of it. Can't recommend enough. The wife loves it in her porridge too.

Great for casein pudding

Review by Bo Billy on Mar 8, 2022
I like the texture of this protein as well as taste. I got bored of shakes, so started to make a casein pudding out of it. My only complain is that the contained came without a seal.


Review by Jose Carlo Fajardo on Mar 7, 2022
Good flavor.....

Creamy Vanilla flavour not bad

Review by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2022
Makes a nice creamy shake. Thicker than a whey protein shake. Needs to be mixed a little harder than whey protein to get a smooth shake but nothing too challenging. The creamy Vanilla is not bad flavour-wise and has a slightly "smokey" after taste but not unpleasant.


Review by Matt Hammerstone on Mar 2, 2022
Best Casein on the market

Overnight Protein

Review by Uwe on Feb 28, 2022
I go on a long fast every night from 8pm to 10am which has helped me lose 40+ lbs and cut my body fat in half. But I was worried that the long fast was sabotaging muscle gains or worse loosing some muscle during the fast. The GOLD STANDARD 100% CASEIN was the perfect solution. I've kept losing fat without losing muscle during these fasts. It mixes really well with water in a blender and its taste is better then expected considering I'm not mixing it with milk or a milk alternative. I highly recommend this protein for the purpose I have been using it for.


Review by Mario Enrique Hernández on Feb 26, 2022
It is great. The flavor is one of the best vainilla i've ever tasted,

The best protein I’ve tasted!

Review by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2022
I am literally obsessed with this stuff, it’s so tasty and thick and creamy! I mix with oats and almond milk every morning and it’s delicious.

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