5g’s of Pressure

Drivers must recover from up to 5g’s of lateral and longitudinal force on their bodies. That’s equivalent to around 5x the pressure of their own body weight – more than astronauts experience during launch.


1.80sec World Record

The McLaren F1 Pit Crew is the fastest in the world – the type of speed that demands focus and precision. They work long hours, across 5 continents, and in high temperatures, necessitating peak efficiency.


250 Pounds of Force

McLaren Formula 1 drivers need the muscle strength and size to apply an astounding 250 pounds of force to their brake pedals; in a 100-minute race, they may do this up to 250 times – with one leg!


“F1 is a team sport unlike most others. We want to support the nutritional needs of our entire race team and wider teams as they prepare and Optimum Nutrition helps us with this”

Tom Stallard Head of Human Performance McLaren F1

McLaren F1 drivers at peak performance.

Lando Norris: Podium Prodigy

With an astonishing show of promise in his early years as a racer, Lando Norris has experienced a meteoric rise from gifted karter to McLaren’s senior driver at age 23. Lando remains the youngest driver ever to set a pole position at a national meeting.

Oscar Piastri: Agile Aussie

Relying on his consistency and raw pace, Australian driver Oscar Piastri has defied odds and collected an impressive number of trophies along the way. He joined McLaren as #81 in late 2022.

This ultra-talented 18-year-old Filipino is the first female in the McLaren Racing Driver Development programme.