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FREE Shaker with Gold Standard Pre Workout Advanced 420g

Gold Standard 100% Isolate

  • Pure-form protein (83%) to rebuild muscle
  • Repairs your muscles quickly
  • High in protein & works faster
  • High in BCAAs (5.5g) & Glutamine
  • Low in fat (0.3g), low in sugar (0.4g)

Product Overview

How we create GOLD STANDARD 100% ISOLATE™

Whey Isolate is a pure source of protein that has less sugar (0.3 g) and fat (0.4g) than whey protein. We extract it from high-quality whey proteins to bring you a super source for muscle growth and repair. As it is broken down, the chain of amino acids (building blocks of protein) are smaller. This helps it get into your muscles faster to rebuild after training. It also contains ‘Branched-Chain Amino Acids’ (BCAAs, 5.5g) to further reduce any muscle damage you experience during training. Glutamine and Glutamic Acid are also present which help to build protein. All of this is designed to support your muscle strength and growth in a very tasty way.


Get maximum results with minimal ingredients. Using a series of sophisticated separation processes, excess fat and sugars are removed so that 0.4 g of fat and 0.3 g of sugar remain. The result is a delicious, ultra-pure hydrolyzed whey protein isolate designed to get into your body rapidly, so your muscles can rebuild.


Whey protein isolate powder with sweetener


  • A pure form of protein (83%) that rebuilds muscle quickly

  • Packed with muscle-building proteins (BCAAs (5.5g, Glutamine, Glutamic Acid 4.3g)
  • Repairs your muscle after training and grows muscle
  • Low in fat (0.3g), low in sugar (0.4g)

Suggested Use

Add 30 g of powder (1 rounded scoop) to 200 ml of cold water and mix well together.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.8)
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Review by Rana on Jul 3, 2022
Good product


Review by Anonymous on Jun 10, 2022
Great product

Great product

Review by John on Jun 7, 2022
ON Isolate Gold is consistently the Best product I have used.

Really good must buy

Review by Karman on Jun 4, 2022
I regularly purchase the chocolate flavour and it blends well and tasty with oats


Review by Meg on Jun 3, 2022
Good product


Review by Anonymous on Jun 1, 2022
The vanilla flavour is so delicious - I add it to yoghurt, oats, almond milk.

The Best Protein (Strawberry flavour)

Review by David R on May 25, 2022
Great Protein. My new favorite for sure! Strawberry flavour is great. Perfect blend with water or milk. Love the taste (specially with milk).

Unflavoured whey protein

Review by Lauren on May 21, 2022
This is the best unflavoured protein powder I’ve tried so far - blends really well and has a smooth texture. So good to be able to avoid the sugary flavours!

Good stuff

Review by Joe on May 20, 2022
Tastes better than you expect, nice short list of ingredients, keeps it simple and works great as a post workout shake.

Good stuff

Review by Lil drip on May 11, 2022
Good protein. Tastes good, mixes well and has a short list of ingredients. This has been my go-to protein for years.

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