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Protein Powders at Home

Playing With Protein Powders in Your Kitchen

Protein powders have been around for over seventy years. However, the quality from then to now is unparalleled. The mixability, taste and texture have evolved over time and heightened to new levels of excellence. Not only have protein powders themselves evolved, but also the way that they are used. Protein powders were primarily used by bodybuilders originally, but today protein powders are being taken advantage of by everyday healthy adults. Proteins have moved beyond the gym and into the kitchen. Let’s take a look and the power of protein powder in the kitchen.

Boost It

Amp up protein by mixing powder with base beyond water. If you would like to add a complete protein and reach a creamy consistency, then mix with milk or soy milk. If you would like to add a nutty flavor with a smooth texture, then mix with nut “milks” like almond, cashew, flax, hemp or hazelnut. Select from beverage of choice, however note the type of base you use will modify the texture as well as alter the level of nutrition.

Blend It

Amplify protein powder in minutes. All you need is a blender and a few of your favorite ingredients. If you would like to add some plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, then blend in some chia seeds or flaxseeds. If you would like add some antioxidants, then add in blueberries or strawberries. If you would like to increase level of micronutrients, then add in greens like spinach or wheatgrass. If you would like to add fiber, then add oats or almonds. If you would like to increase calories, then add avocado or peanut butter. The options are endless. Mix and match and try different ingredients such as bananas, pineapple, oats, yogurt, honey, and more. Blend, pour and enjoy!

Bake It

Mix it in and bake it up. Protein powders can be added to everyday baked goods or the family secret recipes. That means you can pretty much add protein powder to any baked good like cookies, cakes, mug cakes, edible cookie dough, pies, puddings, bars, cupcakes, biscuits and breads. Experiment with new fun flavors like salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter. If your recipe calls for oils, then try bananas or yogurt instead. Try swapping honey or maple syrup for sugar. You may also enrich the flavor by adding vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon. This one may be hard to set aside and cool… enjoy!

Great Breakfast Option

Add protein powders into your daily dietary morning routine. Protein powders can easily be mixed into some of your go-to foods or everyday morning beverages. Fortify everyday breakfast options by mixing in unflavored or favorite flavors. Mix protein powder into your morning coffee, matcha tea, chai tea or steamed latte. Add protein to batter to create breakfast favorites like pancakes, muffins, porridge or smoothie options. Mix into yogurt, overnight oats or homemade granola bars. Consuming a balanced breakfast can help set the tone for the rest of the day.

Protein Powders Have Come a Long Way

Protein powders have come a long way since first introduced. Over time, the mixability has morphed, the texture has transformed, the flavors has expanded and the taste is incomparable. Today, OPTIMUM NUTRITION has the number one selling whey protein powder in the world and has helped to fuel over two billion workouts worldwide. So, next time you pick up an OPTIMUM NUTRITION scoop, consider ways you can personalize, customize and elevate your protein powder. Although protein may be complex, it’s extremely easy to use and add into everyday life. We would love to see – please share with the world how you’ve transformed your OPTIMUM NUTRITION protein powder.