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Staying on Track when Eating Out In Restaurants

People have been gathering in groups to dine together for thousands of years. It is surely one of the longest running traditions in the world. In the present day, going out for a meal at your favourite restaurant is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you are celebrating a particular life event or just catching up with friends, going out for food is a an occasion to be enjoyed. Even the thoughts of eating out however, can cause stress to some people. This can be for people looking to lose weight, gain weight or to support athletic performance. Those following a strict diet or trying to be very good with their nutrition may find it stressful to try stay on track. Here are some tips that can help you get the best of both worlds.

Check the Menu Out Before You Go
Most restaurants will have their menu on their website. This is great opportunity to plan, check the menu out and see what fits your eating plan. This should help put you at ease and help remove the temptation that may arise upon first checking out the menu as you can plan in advance.

Order Off Menu
Do not be afraid to ask for custom requests. You can request a larger protein serving or change how your meat is cooked for example. Changing from fried foods to grilled will save a lot of calories. Mix and match menu items to create your ideal meal.

Get a Workout In
If you know that you are going to be going out for a meal and that you are going to relax the rules a little bit, doing a workout that day is a great option. This will help increase the amount of calories that you expend that day which can offset some of the additional calories you will likely consume.

Extra Vegetables
Ordering extra vegetables with your meal is a great tip if you are looking to keep your overall calorie intake lowered. Most vegetables are typically low calorie fibre rich that can help us fill up feel fuller than many other traditional carbohydrates such as rice, potato or pasta that are standard fare on most menus.

Skip the Starters & Desserts
This one can be difficult to do but avoiding the desserts and appetizers will go a long way towards staying on track. Most of these food options are designed to be very palatable and often contain many calories. For somebody looking to gain weight, these meal options can be a great addition but for those looking to cut down on calories – skip the temptation.

Don’t Arrive Hungry
Arriving to a meal hungry is a sure fire way to succumb to temptation. Having a snack a couple of hours before your meal will help with food cravings and encourage you to eat less. Aim to have some protein and some fibre-containing carbohydrates in the hours before your restaurant meal to ensure that you arrive already full. This should help you stay on track when it comes to choosing what to eat.