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Perfect Form with Shaun Stafford

With the reopening of gyms, the temptation to try and pick up where you left off, or start a fitness regime without the required knowledge of how to use the equipment, can be a temptation that could ultimately end with injury. 
Optimum Nutrition coach Shaun Stafford talks through the key exercises that are common amongst the majority of gyms you will be walking in to and gives you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to perfect your form.

1.    Bench Press

2.    Back Squat

3.    Cables Biceps Curls

4.    Lat Pull down

5.    Rower

6.    Battle Ropes  

7.    Sumo Deadlift

8.    Leg Press 

9.    Tricep Extension

Bookmark these videos for your next gym session and revisit them whenever you feel like your form is slipping or you’re not getting the best out of each exercise!