Want to be part of a team that swims
the English Channel with
Paralympian Alice Tai & Optimum Nutrition ?

Together, we are seeking 5 people with limited swimming experience to join Alice in conquering the English Channel, in a team relay. The 21 mile Channel Swim will require stamina, self-belief and team cohesion as you collectively battle the elements and the tide for up to 18 hours in water of 15 degrees Celsius. Whoever you are, whatever your background and swimming ability, if you’re ready to unlock your full potential, this challenge is for you.


Firstly, read the project T&C and ask yourself the following questions:

Am I available between 20th & 28th September 2023 to swim the English Channel?
Am I committed to a 5-month training plan that would include up to 4 training sessions, in pool & gym, per week?
Do I like to push beyond my comfort zone & test my physical limits?

If you answered yes to all of the above, submit a 90-second video to [email protected] on/before 30th April 2023, that includes the following:

Personal detail (name / age / personal story)
Your relationship with swimming (including footage of you in the water if possible)
Motivations for wanting to apply
Any pre-existing medical conditions

Want to know more?

Who is Alice Tai?
Alice Tai is a Paralympic, World, European & Commonwealth swimming champion. She won Commonwealth Gold in 2022, only six months after her right leg was amputated below the knee.
When would I need to be available?
You need to be available between 20th & 28th September 2023 to swim the English Channel and commit to weekly training sessions beginning May 2023.
Will I need to train for this challenge?
Yes, from May 2023, the 5-month training program will start. This includes up to 4 training sessions, in pool & gym, per week. During the program, you will be supported by Alice, coached by Olympian and swim expert Professor Greg Whyte and fuelled by Optimum Nutrition, so you will be ready for the challenge!
Will I need to pay for the training?
No, the training program is included for all 5 participants.

In partnership with Optimum Nutrition, our challenge partners will also provide:

David Lloyd Clubs - free membership and swim coaching to each successful participant, removing any accessibility challenges and ensuring the right support network is established, in order to produce competent swimmers.

Speedo – As a mutual sponsor of Alice Tai, Speedo will be supplying all participants with a project-specific gifting pack, ensure each swimmer is suitably kitted out for the project at hand.
When will participants be announced?
Successful candidates will be announced on Tuesday 2nd May 2023.


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