Meet the #ChannelMore team who conquered the English Channel with

Paralympic Swimming Champion, Alice Tai MBE

Following a nationwide search, five aspiring open-water swimmers took on a swim relay of the English Channel alongside Paralympic, World & Commonwealth Swimming champion, Alice Tai. This extraordinary performance journey was fuelled by Optimum Nutrition and became known as the #ChannelMore project.

#ChannelMore highlighted that whilst the boundaries to personal performance can be very different for each one of us, as a species we all have ability to conquer the unthinkable, and achieve true potential if the right mindset, training and nutrition strategy are applied.

Each of the #ChannelMore team members received a tailored training and nutrition programme, which they followed for five months leading up to the swim, designed to optimise their individual proficiency and endurance in the water.

The team departed for the 21-mile (as the crow flies) English Channel swim under the cover of darkness and collectively battled strong currents, big swells and swarms of jellyfish until they hit French soil, in a highly competitive 8 hours 49 minutes.

Find out more about the incredible individuals that accompanied Alice for this swim…Hafsa, Tom, Seren, Aidan & Tony.



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