By now, you've probably noticed there are some changes going on...

For starters our packaging has a completely new look. But before you assume we've sold the company and changed all our formulas, relax and listen up: we're still the same family owned company that has been designing, testing and perfecting our own products for over 20 years.

Actually, the reason we changed our packaging has little to do with us. It's to help you. Supplement store shelves tend to become a complete information overload. So, we've stripped down and streamlined the front of our packaging, leaving only the essentials bar, which tells you everything you need to know. That way you can find the products you need much easier, and with less strain on your eye muscles. We've also unified our package line, so there's no doubt it's an Optimum product.

You might also hear us talking about The Bigger Picture. That's become our new rallying cry. For us, The Bigger Picture is a mandate to think beyond just nutrition and approach bodybuilding as a lifestyle, a passion and a sport. For you, The Bigger Picture is what you should be focusing on as you continue to grow as a bodybuilder.

So, you're going to start seeing a lot of new stuff from us in the coming months: products, ads, more updates and product improvements. So if somebody asks, "What's up with Optimum Nutrition?" do us a favor and let them know we're still doing what we've always done We're setting the standard.
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