Dodging Gym Germs

The gym is a community of people like you who are dedicated to getting and saying fit. This healthy lifestyle doesn't have too many downsides. But there is one thing to consider when you're sweating out reps in the company of other gym rats. Sweaty bodies in close proximity create an ideal environment for microbes responsible for transmitting everything from athlete's foot to the flu. Fact is, 80% of all infectious diseases are spread through contact.

The Bigger Picture. The body has a number of defense mechanisms to guard against viruses, funguses and bacteria. And healthy people are more likely to realize the full benefit. You can protect yourself further by practicing a couple of common-sense rules whenever you visit the gym. Use flip-flops to walk around the shower area, and make a point of keeping a towel between locker room surfaces and bare skin. Washing your hands after working barbells and machines is another worthwhile precaution. Try to keep from touching your face before they're clean.
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Rico Suave
Aug 21, 2007
Man, ain't that the truth. not to make everyone paranoid, but if your immune system is busy fighting off infection you are NOT gonna make progress on your strength gains. It's baffling how many people don't put that together.
Goby 1
Aug 24, 2007
Thats why I lift at home. No germs from other weirdos. Just my own sweat and my own germs.
Rico Butt
Aug 25, 2007