Is Fat The New Normal?

With an annual day of feasting fast approaching, an eye-opening study published in the December issue of the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology suggests that overweight is becoming normal, at least in terms of how many people see themselves. Researchers questioned 2,200 women aged 20 through 39 on their body image. More than half of these women were considered overweight.

Of the women who were classified as overweight, 30% believed they were normal size, and 70% of the women who were obese saw themselves as simply overweight. Scientists theorized that with so many overweight people in the general population, it's getting easier for overweight people to view their weight as normal, even if they're heavier than they should be.

True Strength Moment: A lot of physique competitors make an effort not to compare themselves to rivals. They focus on making their own body the best it can possibly be. Their reasoning is rooted in the physiological differences between all athletes, but this technique has broad applications in mainstream society. Take an unvarnished look at yourself in the mirror before setting some attainable goals for self-improvement.
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Dec 03, 2010