Team Sports Conditioning Advice

A story published on Saturday in the online edition of the Santa Barbara Independent listed the top 10 mistakes athletes make in their training programs. One of the most basic was a conditioning routine involving anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes of steady-rate jogging, cycling or swimming. Since football, baseball, tennis and even competitive swimming don't involve this type of effort, why would you condition yourself that way? The authors suggest interval-type routines that attempt to duplicate the pace of your game. For instance, a football player might perform shuttle runs instead of going for a 5-mile run.

True Strength Moment: Even if you have plenty of gas in the tank at half-time, a conditioning technique that doesn't improve speed and agility is going to leave your on-field performance lacking. Try shuttle runs for a week or two and then run the stadium stairs one at a time, followed by a two at a time flight. After that, try sprinting the straight sections of your school's outdoor track, jogging the curved intervals. Don't forget to put in some flexibility training to maintain your range of motion.
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Aug 23, 2011
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