Fructose & Glucose Pre-Workout

Endurance athletes are familiar with the concept of carb-loading before training or competition, but strength athletes tend to be more focused on protein. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research looks into the effect of glucose and fructose supplementation prior to endurance and strength training sessions.

Scientists had 20 well-trained men ingest these fast carbohydrates 15 minutes before a 30-minute workout. Not only did glucose/fructose supplementation lower the perceived rate of exertion it caused a lower glycemic peak during strength training along with a second peak during recovery.

True Strength Moment: According to this research, weight lifters looking to heave heavier loads might want to try a supplement that provides glucose and fructose before attempting to post a new personal best. Not only does ON's 2:1:1 Recovery provide glucose, sucrose, fructose and waxy maize carbs in a 2:1 ratio to staged proteins, it's enhanced with BCAAs to provide anti-catabolic protection for your hard-working muscles.
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