Full Flavor With Less Fat

Here's an easy formula for cutting fat and calories that doesn't involve sacrificing nutritional value or taste. Try mixing creamy blue cheese or ranch salad dressing with an equal part of vinegar. That removes 8 grams of fat and 80 calories per tablespoon. The same concept also works for blending half a cup of full-fat cheese with half a cup of the fat-free variety. You end up with great taste, all the calcium, 10 less grams of fat and 90 fewer calories. Beverages can also be slimmed down. Adding sparkling water to antioxidant-rich cranberry, blueberry or pomegranate juice eliminates 60 calories per cup. The list goes on and on.

The Bigger Picture: Eating right should be a major component of any overall fitness strategy. Using this simple 50/50 blending technique, you'll be able to cut significant amounts of fats and calories out of foods while retaining the nutritional value and still enjoying plenty of taste. When you enjoy eating, sensible choices are so much easier to swallow.
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