Fortify Smoothies With Fiber

The World Health Organization recommends a daily fiber intake of between 25 and 30 grams. Unfortunately, most American adults get about half that amount. In a story published online at, industry experts suggest that adding 8 to 14 grams of supplemental fiber to a fruit smoothie might boost satiety and assist weight management efforts. Obviously, the same tactic could easily be applied to protein smoothies.

True Strength Moment: Adding fresh or frozen fruit to a protein shake and blending these components into a smoothie opens the door to virtually unlimited opportunities to stack your favorite protein powder with carbohydrate energy and delicious natural flavor. Then there's the fiber that's a very desirable component of fruit. Tossing in a teaspoon of ON's new Fitness Fiber adds 5 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber from 6 distinct sources with only 10 additional calories.
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