Size Matters

The portion size you can expect to get at your typical restaurant has increased two to four times since the 1970s. That's true for what's heaped on your plate as well as the expanding volume of beverage containers. Here are a few tricks to getting around these over-sized temptations when eating out.

Use your hand as a portion guide. Three ounces of meat or a cup-sized serving of vegetables will fit into your palm, which you can use as a visual aid for measuring caloric intake. Also, since studies have shown that we tend to eat the way our dinner guests eat, team up with people who share your passion for fitness. And to kill the urge for between-meal snaking, brush your teeth after eating. Once you establish the pattern, it'll be easier to resist that candy bar. If only to keep your breath minty-fresh.

The Bigger Picture: You put in a lot of time and energy at the gym. But that's only half the battle to achieving your goals. Making a conscious effort to eat right day after day, week after week can be just as challenging as putting another 10 pounds on the barbell. You'll find that avoiding the consequences of consuming restaurant-sized portions can be just as fulfilling.
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Matt K
Sep 05, 2007
true, now whenever my girlfriend and i go out to eat we always split one meal. cuts the portion size way way down. making great gains in the gym as a result.