Your Version Of Creaminess

If someone describes a food or beverage as creamy, it might mean something different depending on where they live. According the research published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, your idea of creamy might even be different than another person's who speaks the same language. To Americans, creaminess is part flavor, part texture. But to someone in South America, creaminess might have a very different sensory attribute. Consider the differences between dairy cream and guacamole.

True Strength Moment: This holiday season, you're bound to come into contact with creaminess in the form of a beverage like eggnog or a condiment like gravy. That'll be true wherever you celebrate the season. We hope you'll explore the fat-shedding and muscle-building potential of thick, creamy micellar casein shakes between meals and/or before bed not too long after the feasting is over.
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