A Diet That Works For You

In a review of literature published in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice, researchers determined that caloric intake is the most important factor for controlling weight. Outside the insular world of clinical studies, people have a hard time staying on extreme diets. That fact, coupled with the inaccuracies that occur when inexperienced dieters try to portion out macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) left lifestyle optimization as the ideal choice for long-term weight management.

True Strength Moment: Because you're more disciplined than the average dieter, you're able to dial in a diet that provides a gram of protein per pound of body weight. If your calculations aren't exact, it's no big deal. You expend enough energy to more than compensate. The take home message here is to go with what works for you. Newbies should stick to counting calories where experienced gym rats can get more technical. As long as you watch what you eat and exercise off the calories.
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Amy Lucero
Jan 11, 2011
How do I know what products to stack? I have a great diet and am trying to gain some size. I build muscle well but also hold fat - what stack is good for this type? Do I need a fat burner or thermogenic to help see results? Or do I hope I'm doing well with size and wait to lean out to see final results? I currently take Essential Amino Energy and 100% Whey gold standard.