Write Weight Loss Into Your Day

According to Dr. Christopher J. Mosunic of Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut, there are two kinds of dieters: Those who keep a journal of everything they eat and those who don't. The dieters who write down every beverage and food item consumed typically experience success in just 12 weeks, while progress can take years for those who refuse to keep track. "Keeping a food diary is like exercise," said Dr. Mosunic in a press release. "It will always help you lose weight if you do it consistently."

True Strength Moment: If you're really serious about your New Year's physique refinement goals, write down all the exercises you perform in that same journal. Record the weight you used, the number of reps and sets, the order of exercises from start to finish, even the intensity you put into each effort. This record will help you see what you've accomplished and what you need to do next to keep that progress on track. It's a good idea to re-structure your workout every 6 to 8 weeks, and having a record of what you've been doing is the key to making positive changes.
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