Smart Cardio

There are a lot of reasons to do cardiovascular exercises. You might want to drop a few pounds for a show or improve your heart health outlook. Heck, you might even enjoy the challenge of grinding out miles. But did you know that cardio training also improves mental performance?

Think about it. Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping which increases the body's flow of oxygen to organs. There's more to it, of course. But multiple studies have demonstrated cardio's ability to enhance brain performance in both older and younger people. One study suggested that even a single session could improve mental abilities.

The Bigger Picture. Whether you want to loose a bunch of weight or get ripped up for a competition, cardo has a place in your routine. You'll want to choose a longer session of lower impact work for loftier weight-loss goals and shorter, more intense sessions when just fine-tuning your physique. Either way, researchers believe you'll end up with a better head on your shoulders for doing it.
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Aug 30, 2007
i haer that....
Sep 01, 2007
I was told at the gym, that HIIT training was best for fast weight loss results. Now which information is acurate.