Vitamin D3 Up To 87% More Potent

The type of vitamin D you're taking could make a big difference in how much your body's actually using and storing. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that Vitamin D3, known as cholecalciferol is 56% to 87% more potent than Vitamin D2, which is called ergocalciferol. Vitamin D3 also resulted in 2 to 3 times more vitamin D storage in the 33 healthy adult subjects used in this research. They supplemented with either D3 or D2 for a 12 week period.

True Strength Moment: This is one more example of why it's important to read facts panels for every food and supplement you consume. For instance, a glance at the panel on Opti-Men's box will tell you that one serving of this high-potency super multi delivers 300 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D as cholecalciferol (D3). Good to know you're getting the best.
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