Hormones Behind Yo-Yo Diet

You know people who have successfully lost weight, only to see it creep back again after they've relaxed their diet program. It happens to some, but not others. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests that dieters with the highest levels of leptin and lowest levels of ghrelin hormones are more likely to put weight back on than calorie cutters blessed with a more favorable balance.

True Strength Moment: The study did not report whether the 104 overweight subjects did anything other than restrict calories, but if they also worked at building lean muscle mass they might have experienced better results. Muscle mass increases metabolism to the point where the average person can burn 50 additional calories per day for every pound of muscle they build. Increased strength, improved appearance, more energy. There are so many reasons to get in shape and stay active.
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