Caffeine's Impact On Team Sports

If you're playing basketball, volleyball, soccer or another team sport, you can expect a boost in speed, agility, decision making and reaction time if you drink a caffeinated beverage about an hour before competition begins. That's what a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise reports.

Researchers had 10 male team sports athletes consume 6mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight (about 400 mg for a 150 Lb. person) or a placebo an hour before engaging in four 20-minute quarters of simulated team sports competition. Total time (speed) was 2.3% faster and reaction time improved 3.9%. The time it took to make a decision increased an impressive 9.3% compared to the dextrose placebo. That's more than enough time to fake an opponent out in a fast-moving game.

True Strength Moment: 400mg is the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee, which might be a bit intense for some people. We suggest assessing your tolerance for caffeine before hitting the field. Try a 2-scoop single serving of Essential Amino Energy which provides the added benefit of essential amino acids for muscle support. If you think you'd benefit from a couple more scoops, you can add them to the mix anytime.
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