Burn 709 Calories In 45 Minutes

Burn 709 Calories In 45 Minutes Resting energy expenditure is the number of calories your body burns while sitting on the couch watching TV. Or parked in front of a computer at the office. Typically, this amount doesn't add up to much. But after a 45 minute workout, your body continues to expend an elevated amount of energy for 14 hours. That's what a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise determined.

Researchers had 10 male volunteers between the ages of 22 and 33 exercise for 45 minutes on a stationary bike. The effort was just 57% of capacity, so you could call it moderate intensity. After calculating energy expenditure for both resting and training days, an analysis showed that approximately 190 additional calories were burned during the 14 hours after exercise. Subjects burned about 519 calories while peddling the bike, so that's an impressive 709 calorie total.

True Strength Moment: It's important to consider that the time of day these study subjects exercised was 11AM. Leaving so many active daytime hours after a workout helps your body make the best use of this 190 calorie burning boost especially if you remain physically active. Hitting the sack a couple hours after training might take something away from the full calorie burning potential.
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