Zinc Zaps Common Cold Symptoms

Zinc Zaps Common Cold Symptoms Got the chills and sniffles? A review of 15 clinical trials involving 1,370 subjects suggests that taking zinc within a day of a cold's onset can reduce not only the severity of symptoms but the length of time you experience them. Details behind the conclusion that more people who took zinc steered clear of cold symptoms within 7 days as compared to those who received a placebo appear in The Cochran Collaboration.

True Strength Moment: The common cold ranks among the world's most widespread illnesses, affecting the average adult between twice and four times annually. Americans spend something like $2.9 billion on over the counter cold remedies and another $400 million on prescriptions. If the 30 mg of zinc in your nightly ZMA capsule can help, that's a nice bonus to supporting your strength and recovery goals.
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