A Lot To Like About These Carbs

A Lot To Like About These Carbs 'Carb' has become an offensive four-letter word to many dieters. But, like its macronutrient cousin protein, not all carbohydrates are alike. In fact, a study published in Health magazine points out that certain carbs are great for dieting! The trick is to select carbohydrates that have a high amount of resistant starch.

Unlike the readily digestible and slowly digestible forms of starch, resistant starch isn't absorbed in the small intestines and ends up only minimally digested. The fraction that is digested takes a while to be processed and provides a steady stream of glucose energy during this extended period. Because digestion takes so long, resistant starch carbs help dieters feel fuller longer.

True Strength Moment: Of the 4,451 subjects who took part in this study, the ones who ate the most resistance starch ended up slimmest. Good sources include sweet potatoes, bananas, whole grain pasta, artichoke, yams and beans. Quinoa, which was highlighted in John Hansen's Sunday Breaking News post at ABBperformance.com also makes the list. Fill up and get your energy up for a great session at the gym!
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