Protein Determines Body Shape

Protein Determines Body Shape When body fat is stored around your torso, you're said to be 'apple' shaped. If it's stored around your hips then you're considered pear shaped and the fat can more safely be converted into energy for use during exercise. What determines this apples to pears body shape is a protein called 11BetaHSD1, according to a study published in the journal Diabetes. People with a high amount of it tend to be apple shaped and saddled with the more unhealthy form of fat deposits.

True Strength Moment: Regardless of where body fat is stored on your body, the power to reduce it is yours. And protein can play an important role in that effort. Not the 11BetaHSD1 protein referenced in this research, but whey and casein proteins after workouts and as shake-based between meals snacks. Download this 12-week diet guide and lean how to apply techniques that can help you lose as much as 12 pounds before summer!
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