Visualize Your Ideal Diet

Visualize Your Ideal Diet Having a hard time sticking to your daily diet? A study published in the journal Psychology and Health suggests visualizing the details of what to buy, how to prepare and when to consume healthy natural whole foods. Picturing the details in your mind make it much more likely you'll follow through on your plan.

Researchers had 177 college students set a goal of consuming more fruit during the week. Although all subjects managed to increase their fruit intake during that timeframe, the students who visualized where to buy, how to prepare and when to eat the fruit consumed twice as much.

True Strength Moment: This study shows that the visualization techniques used by elite athletes have everyday applications in your diet. They imagine how to execute every aspect of a play in competition, just as you can imagine the step by step process of preparing and eating a meal. Try applying this mental imaging strategy on your workouts too. If you're having trouble achieving a realistic goal, it could provide enough push to get you over the top.
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