Leucine Spots Strength Gains

Leucine Spots Strength Gains If you're just starting a resistance training program, research published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance suggests that supplementing your diet with the Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) leucine can help boost strength increases by 30% to 40%.

Researchers had 26 untrained men perform twice a week workouts using 8 standard weight machines. Half supplemented with 4 grams of L-leucine per day while the others received a lactose placebo. After 12 weeks on this program, the subjects who took leucine achieved between 30% and 40% greater strength improvements than the placebo group. There were no significant differences in fat mass losses or bone density gains between groups.

True Strength Moment: Other studies have suggested that incorporating all 3 BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine can support the development of muscle size and strength. Each serving of ON's Instantized BCAA 5000 Powder provides 2.5 grams of leucine and 1.25 grams each of isoleucine and valine, so drinking a flavored version before your workout and stacking the unflavored powder with your post-workout shake can help you meet that 4 gram per day target for leucine and a whole lot more.
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