Food And You Survey Surprises

Food And You Survey Surprises A survey conducted by the United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency called Food and You found that 90% of consumers can't name the types and portions of food that make up a healthy diet. Between March and August 2010, a total of 3,000 face-to-face interviews were conducted on randomly selected adults. Only one in 10 questioned knew that the maximum daily salt intake was 6 grams, and less than half (46%) knew the temperature range the typical refrigerator operates within (32 to 41 degrees).

True Strength Moment: This study did have some promising news to report. Nearly everyone surveyed (99%) thought that eating fruits and vegetables was important, and 92% of those questioned said that limiting saturated fat intake was a good idea. The more you know about nutrients and how they perform, the better you can perform in the gym and on the field of play.
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