4 Keys To Healthy Eating

Variety. You can't get all the nutrients your body needs from eating just one type of food. Or even two. As they say, variety is the spice of life. It's also the way to get the full range of vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates into your diet. Here's another point: Different colored fruits and vegetables provide different nutrients. So try to plan a range of color into your meal selections.

Balance. For added energy, you're probably going to want to eat more carbohydrates at breakfast. When you're ready for bed, energy isn't the issue. Instead, you're going to want more slow-digesting proteins (as found in Casein) to help your muscles recover. The trick is to maintain a healthy balance day to day and week to week, making sure that your body gets the nutrients its needs when it needs them.

Natural. We're not saying that you need to be picking greens from the garden, although that's a great idea if you have the time and space. The point is to limit your intake of overly processed foods. A real apple is better for you than a can of apple juice. Any fruit or vegetable in its natural state is going to offer more nutritional value than a processed byproduct of that same food.

Timing. We were all brought up eating three squares a day. But dividing those three meals into five or even six smaller feedings spread two or three hours apart will provide your body with a continuous source of nutrients and energy. Of course, all of these meals don't have to consist of solid foods. You can choose a meal replacement shake for one or two of your meals.
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