Is Running Barefoot Easier?

Is Running Barefoot Easier? The oxygen cost of exercise is calculated by determining the amount of breathing required to not only get through the workout, but to recover afterward. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine examines the economy of running barefoot compared to when wearing running shoes.

Researchers had 10 recreational runners in their early 20s run barefoot and while wearing shoes on both a treadmill and over ground. Their pace was 70% of maximum capacity and each condition lasted for 6 minutes. In the end, barefoot running was more economical than wearing running shoes.

True Strength Moment: While you might use less oxygen running barefoot it's probably not the best idea to walk around a gym without shoes on. Gym germs are everywhere and the bottoms of your feet are going to come into contact with quite a few if they aren't protected. Outside dangers include broken glass, sharp sticks and stones. Lace up and breathe easier.
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Apr 12, 2011
Don't let gym germs and outside dangers keep you from missing the benefits of barefoot running. "Barefoot" running shoes, such as Vibram's FiveFingers, keep your feet protected while also providing you the benefits of barefoot running.

You might want to include this in your article so you don't "scare" people into thinking that the benefits of barefoot running are beyond their reach.