Where Fiber Comes From Matters

Where Fiber Comes From Matters If you've been looking for ways to work more fiber into your diet, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests you focus on grain and vegetable sources. Researchers analyzed the fiber intake of 3,083 Belgian men and women who participated in a food consumption survey in 2004. On average men consumed more fiber than women, 21 grams per day compared to just 17 grams, but both groups fell short of recommendations.

True Strength Moment: The most interesting aspect of this study was the influence of fiber type on waist circumference. Fruit-derived fiber tended to contribute to waist size while grain and vegetable sources had the opposite effect. This doesn't mean you should avoid fruits, even if you're dieting. Fruit makes a great glycogen top off snack before hitting the gym. On non-training days, consuming fruit in the morning hours will leave you with the rest of the day to burn off the natural sugar.
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