Building Your Aerobic Capacity

Building Your Aerobic Capacity To get bigger, stronger muscles the strategy is heavy resistance training with a focus on compound movements followed by a recovery shake, a good night's sleep and the willpower to do it all over again with a different combination of exercises tomorrow. It's a little different for endurance athletes.

A study published in the NSCA's Strength & Conditioning Journal suggests a different type of strategy for building aerobic capacity. There are 3 elements involved: Maximal oxygen uptake, lactate threshold and running economy. The first 2 can be developed through high-intensity interval training. The research suggests planning out a program of strength, power and plyometric training to improve running economy.

True Strength Moment: Once you hit a plateau with training, whether it's distance running or physique development, a change might be in order. Your body is a very adaptable machine. It works at getting used to a particular style of training. If you keep changing your routine you make it harder for your body to adapt. That's where progress is made.
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