Cold Weather Vs. Team Sports

Cold Weather Vs. Team Sports If you play a soccer match in 50 degree temperatures, will the team perform better or not as well when the thermometer rises into the 70s? A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that heat or cold affects players very little.

Computer motion analysis of defenders and midfielders engaged in match play during a range of temperatures from the 50s to 70s showed no change in total distance covered or distance run per minute. Midfielders tended to run much shorter distances in the heat, but that was the only significant difference.

True Strength Moment: Professional athletes are focused on the job, which is winning matches. So it isn't surprising that temperature didn't alter the ways they approached their game. Keep that in mind when players on your team don't feel like taking the field because it's too wet, cold or hot outside. Don't they feel like winning?
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