Egg On Your Face

A recent study conducted at Louisiana State University found that a group of obese women who ate two eggs a day for eight weeks lost 65% more weight than a control group. The egg-eaters also recorded much more impressive reductions in waist size. Researchers felt that moderate egg consumption did not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, although this stands at odds with the American Heart Association's recommendation of limiting egg consumption to no more than four per week.

The Bigger Picture. The findings of this study present an interesting picture of the egg's potential role in weight loss. Of course, it has always been valued by strength athletes as a high-quality source of protein, vitamins and essential minerals. And for those who don't like the taste or texture of eggs, or don't have the time to prepare them, supplements like ON's 100% Egg Protein offer a quick, easy and potent alternative.
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Sep 24, 2007
i am 18 and i am doing bodybuilding for the past four main natural protein diet includes eggs as a major part.
so can u pleasae suggest me that how many eggs i should consume a day in order to avoid cardiovascular diseases due to excess of cholestrol.