Ramping Up Protein Synthesis

Ramping Up Protein Synthesis Your body handles the repair and rebuilding of skeletal muscle through protein synthesis. High-intensity training increases protein synthesis. So does a high-protein meal. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition explored how active individuals can make the most of this muscle building process.

Researchers found that the best way to promote muscle protein synthesis was to maximize motor unit recruitment. This can be achieved by training to failure with light resistance and more repetitions. Failure training made muscles more sensitive to amino acids (the building block of muscle tissue) for 24 hours post-workout.

True Strength Moment: Don't put off until tomorrow what needs to be accomplished today. After resistance training, the best time to supplement with dietary protein is within 30 minutes to an hour of completing your session. A fast-acting whey protein is ideally suited to this timeframe. Because the majority of muscle rebuilding takes place at night, a slowly digested micellar casein protein right before bed helps keep amino acids available when your muscles need them most.
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