Benefits Of Pre-Workout Protein

Benefits Of Pre-Workout Protein Many active people realize the benefits of a fast-acting whey protein immediately following a workout. The amino acids play an important part is kick-starting muscle rebuilding from the breakdown of training. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise looks at the advantages that pre-workout protein can offer.

After consuming a small protein meal 20 minutes before strength training, subjects increased their metabolic rate by 8%. This allowed them to burn more calories during the next 24 hours. Another group of subjects got a carbohydrate meal before hitting the gym which only increased their metabolism by 3%.

True Strength Moment: An added advantage to pre-workout protein is the protective effect the amino acids will have on muscle tissue. Convenient sources of pre-workout protein include a hard-boiled egg, yogurt and a whey protein shake.
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May 23, 2011
this just talks about your metabolism increasing, but if i'm trying to bulk up would i really want my metabolism to increase? While it also talks about the amino acids that will help during the workout phase, if i am getting the same amount of amino acids from my pre-workout (Amino Energy) would this make the pre-workout protein obsolete?