Get Your Metabolism Running

Get Your Metabolism Running In yesterday's Breaking News post, we learned that pre-workout protein can increase your metabolism and calorie burning potential for 24 hours post-workout. Here's another metabolism revving strategy that you can apply on any trip to the gym: Interval Training.

Canadian scientists found that a 20-minute cardio session divided into a 3-minute easy jog warm up followed by eight sets of HIIT work can be just as beneficial as twice that amount of steady state running. The HIIT was one minute of all out effort, followed by one minute of easy jogging, before moving on to a second set of the same thing. After completing 6 workouts like this in 2 weeks, subjects increased their metabolic rate by as much as 29%.

True Strength Moment: The thing people like most about interval training is it gets you out of the gym in half the time you'd spend on a typical cardio workout. The results recorded during this study suggest that HIIT can be a very worthwhile time-saving effort.
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