Hungry For Video Game Competition

Hungry For Video Game Competition Looking beyond the debate over the exercise benefits of active gaming, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that gaming promotes overeating in teenagers. Noting the trend between frequent gaming and obesity, researchers recruited healthy normal weight teenagers and had half the study group play video games for an hour while the other half rested.

Both groups fasted over the previous night and had identical breakfasts at 8AM. At 10:30, they gamed or rested for an hour before sitting down to lunch around noon. Even though the game playing subjects burned 21 calories more than the resting group, they consumed an average of 80 more calories during their lunch, resulting in a net positive energy of 163 calories for the day.

True Strength Moment: Why gaming promotes overeating is a question for further research to investigate. The fact remains that 163 extra calories a day is going to add up in a hurry. Back in the day, the parents of these teens would have told them to "go outside and play," a recommendation that still holds numerous health benefits in today's world.
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