Breakfast Protein Beats Cravings

Breakfast Protein Beats Cravings Researchers have determined that about 60% of American teenagers don't eat breakfast. That's unfortunate since breakfast skipping is strongly associated with overeating and unhealthy snacking. A study published in the journal Obesity compared the effects of a regular 500 calorie breakfast of cereal and milk to a higher protein breakfast.

Teenage subjects consumed either the regular or high-protein breakfast for 3 weeks before scans were performed on regions of the brain associated with food motivation and reward. Although both types of breakfast produced positive results, the high protein breakfast worked best for promoting satiety, appetite control and reducing cravings.

True Strength Moment: Teenagers aren't the only ones known for skipping the first meal of the day. Adults, even when they aren't rushing off to work, have been known to place less importance on a well-rounded breakfast. To beat down snack cravings and fuel muscle support, a protein bar or shake can serve as a high-protein breakfast alternative on those days when you're pressed for time.
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