Spot Fat Reduction Where It Counts

A number of studies have cited weight training's contributions to weight control. Regular lifting not only builds muscle, they found, but also promotes fat loss. Now researchers at East Carolina University have published findings in the Journal of Applied Physiology that suggest resistance workouts may increase the body's use of abdominal fat.

The Bigger Picture.This study involved two groups of men; one young and the other obese. The conclusion for both was that weight training promotes the breakdown of abdominal fat, increases overall fat use and improves body composition. So it's reasonable to assume that a regular routine of weight lifting could benefit anyone. Of course, you should always consult with a health care professional before beginning any new diet or exercise program.
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Sep 11, 2007
ya my football team practice butduring the off season most of us run and lift it works grat
Sep 14, 2007
My trainer/boyfriend has me on a program. My 13 yrs of abdominal excess is actually going away! So awesome! I'm 48 and I thought I would have to have surgury.
Joseph Priore
Sep 14, 2007
I lift regularly but I have a problem with midsection and lower body fat. I can't seem to lose it. Any suggestions?
Sep 18, 2007
There are some bloggers who might be able to help on this site...
Sep 18, 2007
Many people focus too much on the trophy muscles. Start a well rounded lower body workout that includes squats, leg curls, calf raises, etc. Start with low weights till you get the form right. It will do wonders.
Oct 05, 2010
It is true,my mother was 100kg and now she is 92kg