Shorter Warm-Ups For Winners

Shorter Warm-Ups For Winners It's not unusual for track and field sprinters and short-distance cyclists to warm up for an hour or more before competition. Often times, this warm up involves multiple all-out efforts at race pace. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology compared a 50-minute warm up to a much shorter protocol involving just 15 minutes and a single all-out effort. Subjects who completed the shorter warm up started their competition fresher and were able to develop peak power more than 6% greater than subjects who warmed up for a longer time period.

True Strength Moment: There's probably about as many warm up strategies as there are track and field coaches. When you think about it, warming up for an hour or more has got to result in significant muscle fatigue. This study demonstrates there's some truth to that assumption. Although a 6% boost in performance might not seem like much, it's the difference between winning and not making the podium to an elite athlete. It might also be enough to help you set a new personal best.

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