Healthy Natural Alternatives

Global consumption of soft drinks was 499 billion liters in 2005. That's 277 liters per person. The largest plastic bottles of pop at your grocery are 2 liters, so imagine guzzling 138 of those. New research on insulin resistance puts this figure in better perspective.

The year-long study divided 2,500 healthy adults into three groups: Those who drank sugar-sweetened soft drinks, those who drank diet soft drinks and those who drank fruit juice. Blood test results showed moderately lower fasting glucose levels, and significantly different fasting insulin levels for the adults who drank 100% fruit juice. Both soda drinking groups were significantly higher.

The Bigger Picture. Fasting glucose and insulin levels are Type 2 diabetes precursors, so this research is beneficial for those with other diabetes risk factors (e.g., overweight and family history of the disease). True, this is just one study, so it's difficult to draw accurate conclusions. But it's probably not unreasonable to assume that 100% fruit juice is a healthier choice than soda. Better yet, replace the juice with whole fruits. You'll save some sugar and calories while gaining some additional antioxidants and dietary fiber.
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