A Mountain Of Strength

A Mountain Of Strength ON athlete Anselm Murphy was the first Irishman to conquer the summit of Kangchenjunga, the world's third highest peak. He called the trek upward, "Much more challenging than Everest." As fate would have it, the route back down required an even greater degree of physical and mental strength, because Anselm and a comrade had to rescue a stricken member of their climbing team.

After the jubilation of reaching the summit on May 20th, fellow climber Cleo Weidlich became critically ill with suspected cerebral edema, a dangerous swelling of the brain. She also suffered loss of vision and ruptured knee ligaments. A helicopter rescue was out of the question due to poor weather conditions and their location 24,200 feet above sea level.

Fortunately, team member Ted Atkins had RAF mountain rescue experience and was a trained medic. He and Anselm made the decision to stay behind with Cleo, cutting back their rations while the two helped their stricken comrade down to an area where a helicopter could evacuate her.

True Strength Moment: Now safely back home, Anselm believes that ON products helped him handle the extreme demands of the climb and rescue. "I was stronger on this expedition than any previous one," he said. Anselm's courage, loyalty, skill and integrity represent the essence of True Strength.
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