Yo-Yo Diet Better Than No Diet

Yo-Yo Diet Better Than No Diet More than a few health and nutrition experts have expressed the opinion that constantly shedding and regaining weight isn't healthy. Since millions of Americans go on diets every year, with the vast majority regaining at least some of the weight they lost, Ohio University researchers decided to study the effects of yo-yo dieting on mice.

The typical lab mouse has a 2-year lifespan. Scientists fed one group a high fat diet, with another group receiving a low fat diet. These diets never changed, but a third group alternated between high and low fat foods to mimic a yo-yo diet. The high fat mice died at 1.5 years of age on average, overweight and pre-diabetic. Interestingly, the low fat mice and the yo-yo dieting mice had similar lifespans, 2.04 years compared to 2.09 years.

True Strength Moment: This looks like one of those situations were if a little is good, more is better. If you really try to eat healthy all the time, you'll be rewarded with more years of healthy living. But even if you slip into bad eating habits from time to time, making the effort to get back on track will pay dividends.
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