Ice Cream & Snow Cone Dangers

Ice Cream & Snow Cone Dangers There's no time like summertime for treating yourself to cool, refreshing desserts. But an analysis published online at points out that a little goes a long way in terms of waistline worries. For example, a half-cup of vanilla ice cream provides about 3 grams of protein along with calcium, and vitamins A, B and D. The downside is 145 calories which can increase to 160 calories for a flavor like chocolate chip.

Frozen yogurt is more calorie-friendly, weighing in at 117 for a half-cup of vanilla. But it's no better than ice cream for nutritional value. Then there's the old school snow cone which serves up 90 calories per ounce of regular syrup. One pump from the jar is about an ounce. If you go with a sugar free option, there's only 3.5 calories per pump.

True Strength Moment: The saying 'all things in moderation' applies to all three of these popular summertime treats. Grab one every now and then on a special occasion and you probably won't notice the extra calories and carbs. If you find yourself gravitating to the ice cream section of your local grocery store on a weekly basis, it might be time to step back into a more dialed-in diet.
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