Even A Little Dehydration Hurts

Even A Little Dehydration Hurts It doesn't take a whole lot of dehydration to bring down aerobic performance. Consider the results of a study recently published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Researchers had 10 experienced male cyclists performed time trials to exhaustion at 75% of maximum effort. Before they got started, these subjects completed a 2-hour moderate intensity ride, during which they became dehydrated by 2% of their total body weight.

Some of the cyclists rinsed out their mouth with 25 mL of water that they didn't swallow while other riders were allowed to drink 25 mL of water. These options were provided every 5 minutes. A control group got nothing at all. The riders who consumed plain water were able to go significantly further than either of the other groups in time trials to exhaustion.

True Strength Moment: There weren't any differences in heart rate, blood lactate or perceived exertion rate between groups, but just 25 mL of water less than one fluid ounce helped cyclists go at least 3 minutes longer than mouth rinsing riders and those who didn't do anything about quenching their thirst. Here's a tip that might help you drink more during exercise: Flavored beverages like Essential Amino Energy promote more frequent drinking than unflavored water. The natural energizers and amino acid support are performance-supporting bonuses.
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